Itinerary Lover, Hotel Addict, & Chief Experience Orchestrator

When Katy is not planning or talking about travel, she’s dreaming of the destinations on her bucket list and those she’s longing to return to. Her friends laugh at her love of planning – from securing a restaurant reservation weeks in advance to plotting a detailed itinerary for a night out. Details are in her DNA, and she feels extremely fortunate to work in a field where focusing her passions allows her to execute her clients’ travel dreams into reality. 

Meet Katy, The Founder

We, at Coveted Journeys, are constantly in the pursuit of knowledge in the form of experience.

more about Katy:

From the time I was a toddler, I always preferred to be out of the house than at home. I’d grow fussy while at home, eager to be out exploring, seeing people, having new experiences, and trying new things. Home felt too comfortable, and I was constantly in pursuit of anything and everything “new”. While many of my peers preferred the comforts of familiarity, I, on the other hand, thrived when trying new foods (at age 5 my favorite food was escargot), meeting new people, and experiencing local cultures.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to continue my hunt of all things new with parents who encouraged my insatiable lust of travel. My father traveled extensively for work, for about 20 days out of the month, hitting not only multiple destinations, but continents, all while maximizing his time in each destination in an effort to add personal enrichment to an often, packed work schedule. Throughout my life, I had several opportunities to accompany him on these trips and in turn, spent countless hours researching destinations and pouring over hotel and restaurant reviews, all in hopes of discovering interesting stops to include along the way. 

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This love of travel and fine tuning the details was unmissable to those around me. Therefore, receiving the results of my high-school career test and reading “travel agent” at the very top was a surprise to no one. My appreciation for what travel has brought me in terms of memories created and friendships forged, combined with a growing obsession over details and planning, found a perfect marriage in travel advising and trip design. 

I currently reside in Nashville, TN with my husband, Jared, two dogs, Hank and Charlie and cat, Dusty. Aside from my passion of travel, I am an animal lover, activist and rescuer, true crime documentary fanatic, lover of all things Bravo TV, supporter of the Innocence Project and Equal Justice Initiative, and a firm believer that there are few experiences more empowering than broadening our mind with an understanding of the people and cultures that surround us.

Some of Katy's favorite travel experiences include:

great migrations

Wine Tasting




 Hot Air Balloon

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Witnessing the Great Migration across Northern Tanzania and Kenya

Seeing the Blue Footed Boobies off the Coast of Peru

Wine Tasting in Tuscany 

Visiting the Floating Markets in Bangkok

Swimming in Ancient Mayan Cenotes in Riviera Maya

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia, Türkiye 

Lead Travel Coordinator


Meet Kate— Katy’s righthand woman and Lead Travel Coordinator at Coveted Journeys! Kate comes to Coveted Journeys with her wealth of knowledge in hospitality arena after working in the industry for the past 10 years. Kate has a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating curated experiences to surprise and delight our clients.

From visiting friends in Japan to living abroad in Prague, Kate’s heart belongs to travel— and truly believes that it not only broadens the mind, but enriches the spirit. When Kate isn’t thinking about where to go next, she is loving all things wellness, reading books, creating new recipes in the kitchen and spending time at home with her two pups.

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